JINCOM TRANSLATE is a professional language agency that specialises in the localisation and adaptation of content to specific regions and audiences. We have extensive experience in providing comprehensive communication materials for the Mining, Construction, Oil & Gas and Health sectors. We work with multi-nationals, government agencies and NGOs globally


We offer a complete professional language service which includes:



Editing and proofreading


Document design and layout

Voice over recording 
and subtitling


Market testing





We specialise in translating complex, technical content and providing accurate translations, adapted for the target audience, including:


Print / Web:

  • Technical Safety Manuals
  • Annual and Sustainability Reports
  • Health and Safety Policy Procedure Manuals
  • HR Communication (eg. Employee Share participation schemes)
  • Financial Literature


Video and Voice over recording:

  • Live action voice over
  • Animation voice over
  • Live action subtitles
  • Animation subtitles